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Creative Cover, Inc. uses only the best quality siding. Our siding passes the tests for:

    Vertical Height Impact Test
  • Measures the products durability and ability to resist impact forces – the result of proper thickness, formulation and impact modifiers.
  • Weathering
  • Color retention (resistance to fading) is tested by subjecting the product to real-time weather conditions and accelerated UV testing. This ensures that the produce will hold up in the most extreme environmental conditions.
  • Rigidity
  • Panels are designed and engineered to be more rigid so the siding remains straight on the wall.
  • Gloss Test
  • A digital readout micro-gloss meter is used to scan siding to determine if its gloss falls within a target range. Gloss is important to the aesthetic appeal of siding.

Cedar Ridge Siding

Cedar Ridge is the only true siding system. Aside from having stronger visual appeal than conventional vinyl siding, Cedar Ridge provides several technological advantages that makes for a lower cost of ownership. Our exclusion system uses a space age material Lexstar for unprecedented durability, strength, and beauty.

Mastic Siding

Mastic Vinyl Siding is an attractive and economical siding option. With over 700 colors and styles to choose from, Creative Covers, Inc. will find a vinyl siding product which suites your needs.

LP SmartSide

Fiber Cement Siding is an environmentally friendly and durable siding option. Built from natural materials and sporting a 50 year warranty.

Steel Siding

Steel siding looks great now and 35 years from now. With extended warranties on fade protection and hail damage, as well as the option to paint over the siding is an excellent long term siding option for your home.